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New York City review


New York, New York is the biggest city in the United States, with a city population of 8 million and a metropolitan population of over 21 million. The city itself spans across five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Overall feel of the city

Ooh... Where to start... I have a lot to say about New York City.

I visited New York City a few weeks ago, and since I got out of the subway station I was overwhelmed: the noise, the tall buildings, the amount of people and a lot of other small factors. I really liked New York City but I think it has a few things to fix.

Times Square.

What I liked

Needless to say that in New York City there's a lot of stuff to do, and you'll hardly ever get bored, I find this to be a very positive thing. Another thing I liked is the different kinds of people you see coexisting in NYC: people of different origins, sexual orientations, genders, etc. talking to eachother without any problems.

A street with buildings in New York City.

New York Pizza

A delicious slice of pizza.


What I disliked

It's a shame seeing the amount of homeless people sleeping on the streets and the city government doing almost nothing about it, same applies to drug addicts.

The New York City subway

The New York City subway's network is quite big and the subway will take you to any part of the city... eventually: during my short stay I've dealt with delays, cancellations, and other inconviniences: the subway's infrastructure is extremely dated and lags behind other transport systems in the country; also the subway was filthy and should be taken more care of.

Blurry picture of the front of a New York City subway train.