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What counts as a highway?

Highways are a big part of many people's lives; but that begs the question: What exactly counts as a highway? Here you will find my answer.

a seven lane autobahn


Is this a highway?
a two-lane country road
Maybe this is a highway...
a two-lane country road

Photo taken from Wikipedia

Surely, this is a highway.
I-10 in Texas, a very wide highway

Photo taken from Wikipedia

I'm not sure about this one...
a two-lane country road

Photo taken from Google Earth

My definition of a highway

Highway: A road with a speed limit of at least 80km/h (50mph) that has at least two lanes per direction, separated from eachother; said road must not serve bordering properties and all of its crossings must be grade-separated.

Please keep in mind that this is the definition of a highway that I'll use for my future blog posts. This is not an official definition


a two-lane country road

The A1/A4 Highway in Switzerland near Wallisellen is a highway

More highway pictures coming soon!