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Ivy's website

Hello and welcome to my website! Here I write about things that peak my interest, for example: computers and programming, transportation infrastructure, cars, video games and much more!

LASTEST POST: Trying out Cal Newport's Digital Minimalism.

The goal for this website

There are no goals for this website, though I'll try and write an article at least every two days, just to keep me occupied for the next few months.

How I made this website


This website was made completely using HTML and CSS. Nothing Fancy


To make this website I've used mostly my laptop, as I like to write on the go, but I've used whatever computer I've got on hand.


All pictures on this website (unless stated otherwise) have been taken by me, using my Canon PowerShot A560: a perfectly adequate camera, except for the fact that its CMOS battery is dead and marks every photo taken with as it were to be taken on January 1st, 1980.

I probably should add some stickers to the camera in order to personalize it and make it mine.


You can contact me via E-Mail by writing to: ivymisdead@protonmail.com

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